A letter to myself on this Valentine’s Day

I could be bitter and sad or even angry today but I choose not to be, not only because I have two beautiful boys that love me unconditionally but because life is just a little bit better.

Tonight I’m actually going out to get some comfort food and delicious chocolate with my kid’s father. Those of you who are close friends and family will ask, “Why”?

Well, even though I didn’t and still don’t agree how things evolved between us; we are actually more civil and closer as friends then we were as a couple. Remember it takes two people to make a relationship work. We both did things to push each other away, so we are both responsible for how things evolved.  Now we work together to make our “relationship” work as parents.

When you have kids with someone you don’t want your kids to see all the negativity going on between “mommy & daddy”. It is better to have a healthy relationship together and your children witnessing it than having them witness an unhealthy one.

I am grateful that he is a good father and still is there to help support them. I can understand why woman take certain actions against their kids father but sometimes you need to just step back and analyze things to make a rational adult  decision (and possibly talking to your dad because he doesn’t want you to be an immature ass). Being a single mother of two and all the extra work it comes with is mentally and physically exhausting but that doesn’t give you the right to treat the other parent irrationally. Believe me there many moments that I want to just say f*** it and do what many woman do but I am just being ignorant and selfish. Sometimes you just have to deal with doing a little bit more work than you were.  (Note: if the father is not present or helping in any sort of way this does not apply aka dead beat/sperm donor lol)

Overall, the point of this post is not only to remind you but myself that sometimes being friends is the best thing a girl can ask for because I know that at least my children will grow up with parents that were in a healthy relationship even if they were not labeled as being a couple.


About Decepti0vicus

I am not your typical girl next door. I am a plain Jane kind of gal that wears jeans, sneakers and t-shirts ninety percent of the time. I have always been an odd ball and somewhat of a black sheep (at least within my family). I still have my girly side which entails experimenting with makeup, hair, playing dress up and collecting Barbies. Yet you can find me playing video games, reading comics, collecting random figures and toys and playing sports. I love the 50’s era and I am glad I was surrounded with it while growing up. My mother is my inspiration on being a classy yet sexy, educated, well-mannered but don’t f*ck with me kind of woman. I call myself DeceptioVicus. This is a Latin term for optical illusion, like the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by judgmental individuals as most of us are. I am a tattooed, nine to five robot and mother with the aspirations of becoming a model and photographer. I am finally reaching back out to my creative side as I do not want to sit at a desk the rest of my life and become another statistic of the corporate world (unless it’s somewhere awesome/creative). I don’t follow rules well and refuse to look and act how people want me to.
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